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Same Sex Relationships and Ceremonies


Same Sex Ceremonies
I publicly support the arguments put forward by those in the Gay and Lesbian community wishing to make a life long commitment to each other. 

Our laws in Australia currently forbid Same Sex Marriages, therefore we as Authorised Marriage and Civil Celebrants can only go so far. However for those in the Gay and Lesbian community who desire to make a commitment to each other, there are a number of resources available to assist.

I can help with a "Partnership" or "Commitment" ceremony, it can be similar to a formal wedding but without the legalities of declaring a couple "married", instead you can have vows of fidelity, readings, family involvement, poetry and special effects such as a Sand or Rose ceremony. Finally you will be declared "Partners in Life Together", and a suitable printed Certificate will be presented to you.

As distinct from "Marriages", a "Civil Union" is now law in Great Britain and in several other overseas countries, with similar rights as a married couple. However, the problem still remains - IF you have a formal "Same Sex Civil Union" ceremony in those overseas countries, then that would NOT be recognised here as a "marriage" in Australia.

As a Civil Celebrant, we come across many and varied requests for personalised services, in this respect I have put together some samples of a Same Sex Partnership or Commitment Ceremony, which are meaningful and identify you and your partner as one within your family and society.
These samples are from actual ceremonies performed by other Civil Celebrants.  Click on these links for further information.

Ceremony 1- Click Here:

This document is copyright by the author Rona Goold, ACCN Director
Permission to publish it here on this web site has been granted by Rona Goold.
For information about the
Civil Union Section of the Australian Civil Celebrants Network (ACCN), please click here. 

Lynne and Caroline after the "Cutting of the Cake".
They were presented with a "Celebration of Union" certificate. Their Commitment Ceremony was held at a wedding reception centre in the Southern Highlands NSW, with the couple's family and friends in attendance. The Celebrant was Rona Goold, ACCN Director (see above links).

Ceremony 2 - Click Here 
Copyright for all material in this section is owned by
Russell Baum and John Moore - a PROUD Same Sex partnership.  I gratefully thank Russell and John for allowing their heart rendering and beautiful Gay ceremonial to be included here.

This section also contains a powerful and important message about
Gay relations and Youth Suicides.
Part of it is printed here.
From John Moore and Russell Baum.
“As from time immemorial, the only choice young people have is whether to live the lifestyle they have been born with, or to live a life of denial and double standards, hiding their true selves away.
In today’s world they are facing less pressure from their own peer group, but homophobia still exists in some family circles, and in some areas of the community. 
Let us say to families, and to society in general, that if they reject the sexuality and emotional issues of this generation, then they face raising maladjusted, unhappy and unfulfilled kids at best, and potential suicides at worst. 
It’s not about sex, for goodness sake, but about people !! 
The time has come for commonsense; to put aside dogma and division, and just to love them, regardless of their lifestyle.”


On October 5th, Geelong Civil Celebrant John Terry Moore was himself the subject of ceremony together with his partner of 25 years, Russell Baum.
The partnership ceremony took place at Café Go, in Bellerine Street; Geelong and was attended by approximately eighty family and friends.  
Celebrant Jason Tuazon-McCheyne officiated. 
Mr McCheyne said he was honoured to be the officiating Celebrant on the day, attending with his partner Adrian and their 2 ½ year old son, Ruben
He went on to say that whilst he and Adrian represented the younger generation of same sex families, “it had been people such as Russell and John who had held the line, set a good example to those around them and had paved the way for the younger generations growing up in our midst.” 
“Now is our chance to thank them for their 25 years together, their contribution to society and to wish them well for the future.

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Some thoughts for you to consider on RELATIONSHIPS
Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?
The decision to make a lifetime commitment to each other is one of the biggest decisions a couple will face together.

Good communication between your partner and yourself is vital for a healthy and happy relationship.

There are several issues you need to consider individually and as a couple before making the decision to  make a firm commitment to each other. Most importantly, what does a commitment mean to you both?
Other issues to consider and discuss with your partner may include:

  • What are our expectations of this commitment?

  • What will be different once we make a final commitment?

  • What do we each bring to the relationship?

  • Where will we live?

  • How will we work out our finances?

  • Do we have similar values and beliefs?

  • If we have differences, are we able to work through them together?

Relationships can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. Our relationships are an important part of life, whether they are relationships with our family, friends or partner. But relationships don’t just happen – healthy relationships require time and energy from both partners. Many people aren’t aware that there are practical skills we can learn to develop and further strengthen our relationships.

Relationships grow and change over time, so its important that we have the skills to be able to keep our relationships happy and healthy.

What makes a healthy relationship?

  • According to research one of the most important things in a relationship is friendship

  • A willingness to talk through things, to share openly with each other to have a safe way to share positive and negative feelings with each other

  • Showing interest in how your partner is feeling, what they are concerned about and their dreams for the future

  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings and encouraging your partner to do the same

  • People need to be able to have fun in a relationship

  • Understanding each other’s expectations of the relationship – where do each of you want the relationship to go

  • Knowing and understanding yourself and what you can bring to the relationship – what can I offer?

  • What does your partner bring to the relationship? Good and not so good baggage

  • Knowing that you are not responsible for your partner’s happiness and that you are responsible for your own happiness

Source: Australian Government 'Information on Relationships'

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